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You probably heard the term affiliate and refer. These two are same just a little difference. In affiliate marketing, the advocate does not know their refferd customer personally.
In referral marketing, the advocate  recommends your brand to a direct friend or family member.

Affiliate business is now everywhere, you will see almost every company offers there employee to bring their friends and relativievs to the company they are working.

You can join as a single person for affiliate/referral marketing. There are small and big companies where you can register as a single person. Get involve in this through internet is most easy way, you can communicate people from all over the world sitting in home. Anyone can join but you must be qualify their terms as an affiliate marketer, like your age and county restrictions and so..

If you are serious about making money working from home, no matter you are a student, retired person or housewife you can join free and start promoting company products to your friends and relatives. Put link into you blog and always update your posts, this will tell you are active and put attantion to your user that you are not just writing post without interest, but you are serious about your blog. Writing blog is so easy just get a good title for your blog and start posting, do not just write, post good articles no need to write a noble just simple and easy to read.

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